Does your credit card “limit” plays a factor?

QuestionsDoes your credit card “limit” plays a factor?
Karine Lukis asked 5 years ago

I have 2 credit cards one is like $ 300.00 limit, and the second one is like $ 400.00. One car I had for almost 2 years and the other will be 6 months by April 2016


About to get a car loan which will be $ 5000.00 


Trying to get a personal loan or a medical loan by April 2016. Current Score is 580 probably about to increase because I am about to pay off the biggest collection on my credit which is Tmobile like $ 600


The amount I am trying to get is $ 6000.00 . I will be applying for this in April 2016


The fact that my credit card limits are small… will that affect my chances on getting approved for that much? I have perfect payment history. 

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