does hippa process work on medical

Questionsdoes hippa process work on medical
asked 2 years ago

ok got 2 more medical collections to get removed,one from 2013,one from 2011,ive called both original creditors they wont pull from debit collectors if i pay ,they just tell collectors its paid which does no good,called collections they wont do a pay for delete even sent a pay in full for delete and they didnt reply,so my question is if i write the hippa letter with full payment to original creditor and dispute the collections it will come off the credit bill is 260.00 other 752.oo got 7 navient late student loans that i rehabbed but the late come off for awhile but come back so gona see if i pay these last 2 deragotory collections will it get my score high enough to buy a house first of the year,now fico 8 is average 635 average,just got unsecured credit card so hat will help plus the default status on the navient lates should come off soon

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