Does Discover hate me?

QuestionsDoes Discover hate me?
Clarita Horan asked 6 years ago

I have just about had it with Discover.  I have called three CSR’s over the past two days to ask about enrolling in the double cash back promotion.  But they have all refused, stating that it’s only for new card members.  They then try to get me to apply for the Discover Miles card right there.  I have tried to tell them that I know other current cardmembers have successfully enrolled but they never have an answer. 


What else do I have to do to get enrolled? I feel like I’m pulling teeth here. I submitted a SM online to see if that does the trick. 


And don’t get me started on SP CLI’s.  I was under the impression that the LUV button for most people is very flexible and some people are cashing in on it once or twice each month. Meanwhile, I am still sitting at $ 3,300 (Discover randomly gave me a $ 300 auto cli a few months back).  And any time I try the LUV button, I keep getting the 3-5 days message that I have requested too soon.  But I haven’t requested in over two months (if you count the time Discover gave me an auto-CLI). My last initiated CLI was probably back in March. 


Is there any way to address this or am I just out of luck?  I’m about to pull my hair out with them and have considered just closing it since I get my quarterly categories from my Chase Freedom anyway.  But I hate to close the door on them since I have liked their customer service (for the most part).

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