Dodged a bullet, I think

QuestionsDodged a bullet, I think
Jude Irving asked 5 years ago

Hubby and I have been getting calls from the same number since Nov. We never answered it. We both put it on our DNA list (Do not answer) and assigned it our favorite ringtone. That’s a quacking duck because the call isn’t all it’s quacked up to be. Yeah, I know…sad!


Anyway, we assumed it was a CA, but couldn’t figure out who it could be. The few ones we have on our reports aren’t located in the area code which is a few towns from us. And they don’t bother calling us. This one called every day on both numbers – mine and his.


So tonight I got a call and it showed as the next town to us. I figured it was someone about the fundraiser I’m helping with and I answered it. Nope, it was a robocall offering lower interest rates. (Yeah, right) I said to hubby, I wonder if that is what the other number is calling about and a little bit later his phone got the duck call. So I impulsively answered it.


OOPS! It was a CA asking for me.  I finally got that she was calling about an ATT bill. We had switched to Verizon in July last year and when I cancelled the ATT service I asked for a final bill to be mailed to me as the rep said I couldn’t log in anymore after she processed the cancellation. I remember now that the weeks after I never got the bill. Then I forgot about it. Guess they turned it over to that CA. I hung up on her and immediately found my ATT log in and password. And the ATT rep was wrong, I could log on and, sure enough, had that final bill there. Got it paid immediately. 


Shouldn’t have any more duck calls! Whew, that was a close one.

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