Do you think AMEX will show me more LOVE?

QuestionsDo you think AMEX will show me more LOVE?
Corrine Fifield asked 4 years ago

Guys, I’m getting in a real sweat for another AMEX card, specifically the PRG Charge Card. But since I’ve acquired 3 new cards with them within the last 3 months, I’m getting discouraged from applying, but at the same time, I know they really like me and appreciate my business. Take a quick look at some data points:


8/17/16 – Instantly Approved for Blue Cash EveryDay with $ 1,000 CL (4 statements in)

8/17/16 – Application for Delta SkyMiles Gold put on hold for 4 days, then Approved with $ 10,000 CL! (3 statements in)

9/29/16 – Instantly Approved for Green Charge Card (NPSL) (2 statements in)

62 Day CLI on Delta SkyMiles Gold doubling CL to a total of $ 20,000!

EXP score up 17-20 points since last application.


Anybody know of any unpublished application rules such as number of approvals in a certain amount of months or anything?


Definitely would appreciate your guys’ advice on whether or not this is the right time for another application, maybe closer to Christmas?




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