Do disputes look bad on a credit report?

QuestionsDo disputes look bad on a credit report?
asked 4 years ago

I am in the process of repairing and improving my credit with the hope and intent of purchasing a new car early next year. I filed a dispute on some medical bills simply asking them to verify the accounts. Some that were incorrect were removed, and the ones that were validated are now showing “Consumer disputes this account information” on the account on my credit report. I plan to PFD these remaining accounts (all except one large medical bill that I cannot afford, so it’ll be stuck there a while). In the meantime, does this look bad to have on a report when trying to re-build my credit, which includes trying to become a member of a credit union (to begin a savings account and build a relationship with them for a future loan). If this does look bad, is there a way to request that the comments be removed?

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