Diversified (Sprint) Collection – To Pay or Not to Pay?

QuestionsDiversified (Sprint) Collection – To Pay or Not to Pay?
Eddy Geils asked 5 years ago

Hey All!  Need your thoughts on the following…


Have an open collection with Diversified Consultants, ARGH!, for $ 293.  Based on the removal date on Experian it’s first report date is Aug-2012.  Looking to start home loan process in 6-12 months.  


Given the general forum concensus DCI is very difficult to obtain a PFD for.  I’ve sent several requests but most have been ignored and one came back just validating the debt.   Given the whatever mortage company we go with will likely require it to be paid should I pay it now and go the GW path or should I spend the next 6 months going after a PIF PFD?   I’m thinking time since PIF may be beneficial if I’m not able to secure a PFD.


Thanks in advance!

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