Disputing a collection

QuestionsDisputing a collection
asked 4 years ago

I got divorced in one state and moved to a nearby state for work.  I have had a child support withholding order until the beginning of this year which ended with my state upon the balance going to zero and my kids turned of age.  So the state which I lived stopped the withholding order and I have a document showing a zero balance.  Now I get a new withholding order from the state saying that the original state says I owe a balance of something like $ 4k and that they are going to deduct $ 100 per month from my check until resolved.  I questioned where the balance came from as I had never been notified of any additional fee and have not heard back.  Now the state I live in has put a collection notice on my credit report for the figure showing it past due.  How can I dispute this on my report and what is the best way to do it?  If I owe the money thats one thing but even then how can I be reported in collections for a debt I just learned about as it is affecting my score.

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