Disputes and balances

QuestionsDisputes and balances
asked 3 years ago

Hello forum, I have a few questions for you. I have disputed some items on my credit reports and I see that my scores have dropped. Once the disputes have been resolved, will my score increase, drop or stay the same?Also, I have 4 credit cards. Limits are 400.00 – balance 10.00, 400.00 – balance 10.00, 1100.00 – balance 300.00 and 5200.00 – balance – 4700.00.. The estimated completion of my house is OCT/NOV. Will underwriting request that I have the full remaining balances paid in full or will I be safe with the current balances I have.. Do I need to pay the remaining balance of 300 down to about 100 and continue to pay on the biggest balance? Thanks

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