Disputed Collection taken off TU but not others

QuestionsDisputed Collection taken off TU but not others
Lazaro Cowen asked 5 years ago

Hey everyone –

So I’m in the process of rebuilding my credit score. Recently I disputed two charges on CreditKarma through TransUnion. The first one (a legal item) was successfully disputed and taken off my TU report, but not Experian.


The second one (an old Collections Account) was actually taken off by Experian, but is still ‘under investigation’ by TU. So my question is, if TU removed the first dispute, and Experian the second, can I expect Experian to soon remove the first and TU the second as well?


Or do I have to contact the other agencies directly and say that ‘This account was removed from TransUnion’, and vice versa? Thanks for any advice!

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