Discover Secured Odds with Bankruptcy?

QuestionsDiscover Secured Odds with Bankruptcy?
asked 4 years ago

Hey everyone,
I’ve been really wanting a Discover card since my bankruptcy almost 2 years ago. I’ve applied twice, once about a month ago and once about a year ago. I was denied both due to bankruptcy. I saw that they are allowing direct applications to the secured card now and have been contemplating it. Does anyone know if they will think about accepting me with a bankruptcy? I have never had a secured card, I also did not burn them in bankruptcy. I’ve never had a Discover. Seems very odd that they would deny someone with a bankruptcy on a secured card. It’s not even a partial secured, it’s a full secured card. It seems like they would want people who are trying to rebuild, but I guess not everybody. Definitely seems like one of the harder secured cards to get. I’ve seen people get denied for the secured card with a bankruptcy, but they had a little bit lower scores than mine. My Equifax score is 675. What do you guys think? The last thing I want to do is waste another hard pull. Thanks guys 🙂

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