Discover Checking Account – $50 Bonus

QuestionsDiscover Checking Account – $50 Bonus
Rosaria Toussaint asked 6 years ago

Today is the last day to get the $ 50 bonus for a discover checking account.


I have absolutely no need for a fourth, yes fourth, checking account, but hey $ 50 is $ 50.  I don’t know much about checking account policies and procedures.  Is this something I could get declined for.  Don’t want to raise hell for just $ 50.

How To Build Credit as a College Student

LaTisha Styles replied 6 years ago

How To Build Credit as a College Student 

Nikki bug replied 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips! My boyfriend and I are both in college and dealing
with student loans and other issues. I’d love it if you could do money
saving tips for first time appartment renters, while in college! 

Brandon Hoskins replied 6 years ago

College student here. Will credit card companies take longer to respond to
students who currently owe student loans? I’m still a current student and
I’m trying to build up some credit before I graduate.

Young Finances replied 6 years ago

Looking to build your credit as a college student? You can build credit as
a college student and avoid debt by using this one simple strategy. 

MegaStargirl22 replied 6 years ago

Visa, Mastercards, and store credit cards all have high interest rates, you
do better getting a bank credit card. The bank I have membership at has a
low interest rate for their bank cards. Just a thought. 

Femme Frugality replied 6 years ago

How To Build Credit as a College Student 

Great Lakes replied 6 years ago

Who doesn’t love learning more about credit? We know you do, so here’s a
great video.

Lawrence Berry replied 6 years ago

Very good advice. As a recent college grad I think these are some very good
tips. I got my first credit card at 18, and have been doing well since
then. Young people should really focus on building credit while in college,
so when the graduate, they have good credit established. Its easier in
college in some cases in my opinion.

Nelson Ariza replied 6 years ago

great tip, one thing that should be mentioned tho is credit utilization
should be at around 30%. for example, if you have a credit card that is
$500, You should use about $150 dollars only. This tells the credit
companies that you are disciplined, which can lead to better rate offers,
and a higher line of credit. If you were to use say $450 that is a 90%
utilization which would tell credit companies that you might be in a
financial strain.

Stevenson Catul replied 6 years ago

Thank you for your outstanding and helpful video. 

imani jacobs replied 6 years ago

very helpful vid. I have yet to earn a credit card. I pay 60 a month for my
phone bill, and close to 200 for car insurance each month.. how do you
suggest I use a credit card with these monthly expenses without falling
into financial strain?

brain13th replied 6 years ago

What do you think about annuities?

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