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asked 4 years ago

I called Discover to request an APR reduction.


They gave me two options:


1- 12 months 0% APR effective tomorrow

2- 11.9% APR from 12.9% that I currenthly have


I decided to take 12 months 0% APR


No, I have a lot of work to do with the rest ot my credit cards :smileyhappy:


George Carlin – Credit Card Purchases

Thomas Devito replied 4 years ago

“Next guy ahead of me on line who pays for news week with a credit card is
getting stabbed in the eyes” Lmfaooo I couldn’t breathe Hahahaha George
carlin you are a comedy god 

RichardGMoss replied 4 years ago

I’m already sliding my card whilst my purchases are being rung up, once
it’s totalled I press agree with the total and that’s it. Before that I’m
standing behind people fumbling for their wallets. Cash machines are so few
and far between and one thing Carlin should agree with, it’s impossible to
enter a bank because they are only open when we are at work.

Nilas Thomsen replied 4 years ago

Welcome to comedy.

Tone Riggz replied 4 years ago

This is the truth and this especially happens in places like Duane Reade in
NYC…People will buy a $1 chocolate bar using their credit card…jesus
fucking christ…

seriousguynogames3 replied 4 years ago

He wasn’t always a successful comedian, and he certainly wasn’t always rich.

Ralph Wiggum replied 4 years ago

or people who use coupons… I was at Wal-Mart the other day, and I was
behind this lady who was buying like 3 things. As soon as I saw her pull
out coupons, I went to another lane. By the time I was done (I had more
things too), she was STILL going through her coupons.

whipmanjak replied 4 years ago

I work at a Wawa and feel this way every time this happens!

MischiefMeerkat replied 4 years ago

Credit cards are a trap anyway, a way to get you to fork over even more
money in fees, interest, and fines. If you can’t afford it with cash then
you don’t need it.

xAngecielx replied 4 years ago

i hate waiting in line behind those fuckers

Kuripo Hirusama replied 4 years ago

This was back when credit cards were a huge pain in the ass.

Whatwon1 replied 4 years ago

@MrDannysuzy It wasnt a spin; that was the original show; And he wasn’t the
original, Ringo Starr was the original Mr. conductor.

theknightlynews replied 4 years ago

credit cards are for convenience, they are not a loan. I use credit card
for every purchase so that I don’t have to carry cash with me, and then
have to have a pocket full of loose change. Carlin was thinking that credit
card purchases are some kind of loan. People that use credit cards as loans
to buy crap they don’t need, is the reason why so many people are in debt –
another Carlin topic he got wrong.

Haiiry Cake replied 4 years ago

If you are not stupid you don’t ever use credit cards. Why use money you
don’t have? That will only risk putting you in debt.

Sallyallie89 replied 4 years ago

I am a cashier. Most of the time, it is not the cashier’s fault for a slow
transaction. It is the customer who stands there and says “Wait, hold on! I
have the exact change! Let me dig through my purse for the next 3 minutes
so I can find it for you!” So I stand there patiently, waiting for them to
count their pennies, all because they are too busy to go to their bank and
turn their change into dollar amounts.

fruitybud420 replied 4 years ago

ever heard of rewards points?

Bolensgoldrush replied 4 years ago


akitaj2000 replied 4 years ago

Don’t use plastic for small purchases. Don’t count out change on a counter
for small purchases. Anything under $20, cash is king. If you don’t have
access to $20 cash, as Carlin would say “Get some fucking money”

Lithium replied 4 years ago

He aged alot in 7 years. Look at him in ‘It’s Bad For Ya’ and look at him

Врач ред replied 4 years ago

In Europe we have bank cards which you can pay with with no interest at
all, it’s like if you were paying with cash but without having to bring it
along with you in a physical for,. I say “in Europe” because I don’t know
if you have that in the US too.

keonisan replied 4 years ago

especially the jackoff paying for a 1 dollar order with a twenty, i hate
the twenty dollar bill. fuck them if they try that shit with a hundred or a

Carlos Peralta replied 4 years ago

Paying with a credit card is faster than waiting for the stupid cashiers to
count your money, enter the number into the register, get the change out of
the register, and then count the money again in your hand. Plus, you get
1-5% cash back and no interest if you aren’t a dumbass that doesn’t pay
their bill on time.

FetaCheese222 replied 4 years ago

But the store closes in 10 minutes and all I have are 50 cent coins!

TupacLives replied 4 years ago

When you’re young, buying cheap things with a credit card and paying it off
every month helps you build good credit, since at such a young age you
don’t really make big purchases anyways. Just saying.

Josh Dimmock replied 4 years ago

Nowadays they have paypass, which literally takes half a second, maybe a
second and a half if the system is slow. Much better than cash and WAY
better than debit

DakNJaxter replied 4 years ago

That’s an interesting Avatar 🙂

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