DISCOVER can kiss a rump ! Lol

QuestionsDISCOVER can kiss a rump ! Lol
asked 4 years ago

I’m stunned. After huge approvals and score boosts into low 700 land, Discover made me get a co applicant for approval and then on top of that gave us a $ 500 CL !!! My partners scores are 770s and our combined income is almost $ 175k!!! Absolutely ridiculous. They seek to think they are elite among the Elite!

Amex ED: $ 4000
Amex Delta: $ 7,700
BBVA Nba: $ 5,000
USAA: $ 2,000

All within a week. Discover was my last in spree and I was stunned. They cite reason as 30’day lates from 5 years ago and INQs !!! Five years! I told her that a late or two from five years ago no way accurately reflects my present situation (I was very ill), and is unjust to utilize at this time. No dice. $ 500 with a consigner.

I’m angry and thinking of telling them to shove it and canceling. Why Discover has this holier than thou attitude I will never know. Their card is pretty, but much like other things in life, pretty doesn’t always equate to something worth while! Perhaps I sound entitled myself, but I’m sorry — scores as mine, high income AND a cosigner with $ 500 CL is just insulting. Sleeping on it then possibly closing in AM. waiting on a call from a Manager too, but that’ll do no good I hear. Many complaints on this forum for the exact same reason with this company.

Be happy with my Amex’s and BBVA :-). Got an awesome
BT Offer with BBVA and scooped it up !

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