Disclosing my Credit Line Limit?

QuestionsDisclosing my Credit Line Limit?
asked 3 years ago

Hello fellow FICOers!


Question for everyone, is there really any good reason for somebody to discose their credit line limit to a merchandising business? My wife and I are wanting to replace the windows in our house which would come out to $ 9,900. Not wanting to shell out that much dough at once, since we’re planning on doing other repairs, we decided to fill out a credit app with this company. As expected we were approved for well over the quoted price. I phoned up our sales rep informing him that we’re wanting to moveforward with our order and informed him that we were approved for financing.


We setup an appointment for him to come and take final mesurments of our windows, but before getting hanging up he meantioned that he’ll need the finance account number as well as the limit we were approved for. Now, i understand why he’d need the account number but im trying to figure out the exact reason as to why he would want to know the limit. Obviously the first thing that came to mind, as to why he’d need to know this, is so that he can try and upsell us on some BS.. 


Besides the obvious, can anybody tell me if there’s any real good reason as to why they need to know my credit limit?



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