Denied FHA Loan after being pre-approved

QuestionsDenied FHA Loan after being pre-approved
asked 5 years ago

I worked with a local bank and got pre approved for 400k fha. They sent me a pre approval letter and said start shopping. I then gathered and sent all info they required to verify and everything was going ok. Then i got a call from the broker saying the under writter is saying there are 2 late payments on 12/13′ and 01/14 and they have to be removed before loan is approved. I called capitol one and they said they dont take off late items from my report. My question is can i try applying with a larger bank ? like wells fargo? and have a better chance of being approved? or what do i have to do to get this resolved? Here is some info on me:


lowest credit score is 644

income is 110k a year

bankruptcy discharged 09/10′

dti is under 30%

down payment between 15k-20k

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