Data Point: Ways Overcome Chase New Recon Policy?

QuestionsData Point: Ways Overcome Chase New Recon Policy?
Markus Pinkham asked 6 years ago

So I helped my sister applied for Chase Freedom about 4 days ago. It went to pending and when we called recon, we were told that it was denied due to too many accounts in the past 2 years. We HUACA… 2nd agent told us same thing. I even escalated it to her supervisor/senior analysist with a hard denial! My sister has 6 accounts in the past 2 years though last one was about 7 months ago. Eventually I got online and many people have reported smiliar things. It seems that Chase now does not approve new cards if you have more than 4 or 5 accounts within the past 2 years.


Then, 2 days ago, my sister went to a Chase branch where her friend’s friend works. She again applied for Chase freedom but she did not disclose to the banker that she had previously applied for one and was denied. Couple minutes later, she was told that she’s approved. 


Just wondering if anyone cares to share similar examples – ie, apply in branch to bypass this new Chase recon rule. 


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