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Dorine McLaurin asked 6 years ago

I’m sick to my stomach. My credit was a wreck a year and a half ago, so I got a Capital One card. I’d been keeping the utilization down to about 3% and paying it in full the whole time and a few of my other accounts that were in collections fell off, and my score was moving up. My husband and I were hoping to get a home loan next year. We recently moved and I  neede to use the Capital one card , so my utilzation was at 70%, but in the chaos of the move, I forgot to pay it  before the reporting date and so did my husband. I didn’t actually have a payment due because I had a grace period going and I didn’t have any interest added,  but my score dropped like 60 points!  I paid it as soon as I realized, but of course the damage was done. How long will it take for it to go back up to where it was, assuming I don’t screw up like this again? Thanks in advance!

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