CSP vs Uber Visa Comparison

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dealpal Staff asked 3 years ago

Just wanted to share this, it looks like i will be switching cards for the rest of the year.


So, to get the $ 50 annual credit with Uber Visa, you need to spend $ 5k or more.  I’m currently sitting at $ 4,190 spent so far since January 1, 2018.  I will leave my cell phone bill with Sprint on the Uber Visa for the rest of the year to complete the $ 5k and for the phone insurance (even though is only 1%/$ 1 spent).  This will put me at $ 5.5+k for 2018.


I did an evaluation on my Uber Visa to see where I really get 2% for online purchases (i was surprised!).  On the table below, you can see that i’m not getting 2% on items i thought i would be or should be, therefore, i figured why not put those bills on my CSP so that i can a least get some URs.  To me, URs are more valuable (obviously) than Uber credits.


For all online purchases currently giving me 1% back on Uber Visa, they will now go to the CSP for 1 UR/$ 1 spent for the rest of the year.  


For all online purchases currently giving me 2% back on Uber Visa, they will now go to the CSP for 1 UR/$ 1 spent for the rest of the year.  I will continue to use Uber Visa for dining only.  All travel for 2018 is booked, so no need for Uber Visa for this year.  


1. I could use my AMEX Platinum since we fly Delta 95% of the time, but with my math, i would only get 8.8k miles/year as AMEX is not accepted on some of my bills.

2. Don’t like the redemption on the PenFed Visa Platinum


Is this a good plan? Any other cards I should be using?




CategoryCSPUber VisaNotesTakes AMEX?
San Diego Gas & Electric1x / $ 11x / $ 1 N
Dog Insurance1x / $ 11x / $ 1 Y
Son’s School Fee1x / $ 11x / $ 1 N
State Farms1x / $ 11x / $ 1 Y
Otay Water1x / $ 11x / $ 1 Y
Dog Tracker1x / $ 11x / $ 1 Y
Internet1x / $ 11x / $ 1 Y
Netflix1x / $ 12x / $ 1 Y
Sprint1x / $ 11x / $ 1Only keeping it here for the Insurance coverageY
Spotify1x / $ 12x / $ 1 Y
Home Alarm1x / $ 12x / $ 1 Y
Uber Visa3%4%  

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