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asked 3 years ago

Hi all: After using my Barclay Arrival+ Elite for awhile, I was flirting with the idea of moving over to the CSP. Now, aside from some personal objections to the financial institution, I wanted to maintain an open mind and see what experience people had with their CL with this card. I only ask bc my parents had a Freedom and my mom swore off the card within a few months after Chase apparently cut their limit by 80% (This I think was in 2009-10 when every issuer was cutting limits after the economic meltdown) From what I read on other threads, it appears that once you get an initial approval for CL your stuck with that – that’s fine with me. Most of my other cards all have limits over 10K – some of them are always raising limits without me even asking. So my question centers on if Chase ever CUTS your limit significantly for any reason. I guess that if were to use 80% or more of my CU than that would be a red flag, but just curious if there are any other circumstances that I should be careful of, if I am approved for this card.  Again, don’t need a high limit – I just don’t want them to hack it away if I can avoid it.



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