Credit Union Suggestions in the Asheville, NC Area?

QuestionsCredit Union Suggestions in the Asheville, NC Area?
asked 4 years ago

Hi All,


I’m thinking about joining a CU in or with affilliates in the Asheville area.  I need better wiring fees (international and domestic), credit card options, personal loan acess, etc. and I thought it would be better to have an established account and a real person to deal with.  I know there may be banks that have similar but my experience is that bank fees are usually higher and, unless a small local bank, have more stringent borrowing requirements.  My mortgage scores are in the low 600s and my FICO 8 scores in the mid 600s.  Thet are increasing every day but I have occassional borrowing needs and want someone local that may be able to offer decent rates.  I’d also like to get my car loan refinanced within a few months and I thought this would make sense.  


Any advice?  I’m new to Asheville and unfamiliar with the local options in the WNC area.


Thanks a bunch….

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