Credit One Bank inquiries on EWS and Chexsystems

QuestionsCredit One Bank inquiries on EWS and Chexsystems
asked 4 years ago

Hey guys back in April I applied for a Credit One card and was approved. Got the card and things have been good and even recently got a CLI…..The only bad things were fraud charges but they handled it well.


Any who I recently ordered my EWS and Chexsystems reports and when they arrived I noticed Inquiries on each from Credit One bank from when I had applied for the card. I did a search and nothing really came up stating that they check these reports. No other credit cards show up on either reports just Credit One.


Has anyone else checked to see if they also checked those reports?…..I guess this is also a heads up for people applying for this card that they may check EWS and Chexsystems.

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