Credit line increase results in FICO score drop??

QuestionsCredit line increase results in FICO score drop??
asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone, 



So, Ive been following these forums for some time now, and Id first off like to thank each and every one of you for the help and advice. So the issue Im having is with a Capital One Quicksilver card. In the last couple days just had a credit limit increase from 1850 to 2500. My alerts/updates for all three bureaus read : “The balance on one of your accounts has decreased 40%” (reflecting a payment I had made last week) and “An account listed on your credit has been updated” (reflecting the CLI). As far as Ive read time and time again, lower balances and lender increases not initiated by the customer are good for credit health. TU down 7 pts, EX down 11 pts, EQ up 3 points??? Its really strange to me and I would like to know if anyone has experienced anything similar to this, or have any insight. Thank you in advance!

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