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Maude Flood asked 6 years ago

Hey guys!


So I finally just got Credit Karma active. I had to send in some verification stuff and have been waiting on that. I am fully aware of the difference between FICO and FAKO and I am not putting any stock into the scores (I wish I could; they are about 130 pets higher than my FICO scores!). However, everything I have read states the reports themselves are very accurate if nothing else and that’s the primary reason I signed up. I want a tool to see when items are deleted, and so on.


So here’s my concern. A couple of weeks ago, I had 4 medical collections deleted from the same CA at the same time. Experian shows them gone (re-pulled actual report), TU shows them gone through CK too. However, on Equifax report through CK, it shows 2 of the 4 as “closed” still, rather than deleted altogether. Why would only two show and not all 4? This has me worried EQ didn’t remove correctly. Is there a way I can verify besides pay for new reports? IF they are still on there and the CA promised PFD (and it looks like they held up their end and this is an EQ issue), what is my plan of action?



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