Credit karma disappointment

QuestionsCredit karma disappointment
dealpal Staff asked 3 years ago

I knew credit karma wasn’t accurate but was told by a lender they were typically 20-30pts off. Credit karma showed 643 and 667. I applied for a mortgage yesterday with amerifirst and was told my middle score was a 582! Horrified, I quickly learned the difference between vantage score and FICO! She informed me that the score wouldn’t change for 4 months so try again in 4-6months. I logged into my Experian fico score today and it said it went up 20pts. Is it possible to get a 620 in less time than she suggested? My current debt is $ 600 capital one card out of $ 800 limit, a vehicle loan balance at $ 5100 original balance $ 6500. I have a $ 300 maurice’s card with a zero balance and am an authorized user on a card with a $ 0 / 7500limit. AFNI (old at&t acct) is showing in collections paid off and a credit one bank card is showing as a charge off but my fraud claim on it was just accepted and should be removed from my credit in 15days. I have 2 late payments on my vehicle loan from November and December 2017 which are killing. Any advice to quickly raise my score 40+pts?

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