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Questionscredit help..pfd etc…
asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone…tomorrow i’m going to try to help my brother out with some debts that are on his credit reports. He has saved his tax refund and has several items on his credit reports. I had him sign up for credit karma so that he can see what is on Trans and Equifax. He wants to get these items paid and gone. So just wanted to get some fico friends help before I do anything. I learned a lot of things with my credit the hard way (didn’t know about yet). 


He has the money to pay the debts but I want to make sure that he gets these accounts deleted not just paid. How should I deal with these collection agencies when it comes to paying them? Should we only send PFD letters or should we contact them directly? Don’t want to have a CA say they will delete if we pay and then they don’t remove from credit reports.  I know one collection agency is ERC (for ATT) and another one is Southwest credit systems (comcast). I know that some people have been able to directly pay the OC if they still own the debt and get the collection removed. What to do if the OC has sold the debt to the collection agency?


Help me help my brother!!! Want to do the right thing cause these debts are within the last two years. We live in illinois.

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