Credit ENIGMA: Before ELECTRONIC Credit reporting??

QuestionsCredit ENIGMA: Before ELECTRONIC Credit reporting??
Kristofer Aguilera asked 4 years ago

Interesting conversation just had with a friend. Since everyone seemingly on this board is so afraid of lenders doing AA on their cards (CLD, closures) – and these are mostly always a result of a soft pull of ones credit – I wonder how companies did SP back in he day prior to electronic CR pulls, like when the only option was to see a physical copy of the report via snail mail??

I wonder what year all the constant SP began on our credit. Honestly I almost never heard of AA happening until after 2008/09.. when it was rampant. Now it’s not sporadic to be sure – but I wonder when the SP trend began for lenders or when it was not even a viable option to perform.

Credit enigma #89,009! Woooooooo

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