Credit dispute w/portfolio via an…attorney?

QuestionsCredit dispute w/portfolio via an…attorney?
asked 4 years ago

Hi all,


So, full disclosure- my credit was extremely banged up for years-mostly from older mistakes, but a few recents because I was in horrible shape financially (living paycheck to 3 days before paycheck(partly because I was VERY underpaid, partly because I was still learning how to be frugle and budget accordingly). I did however get a great job about 18 months ago where I’m doing pretty well and I’m grateful for that. So w said new job, I decided I’m going to fix up my credit and never go through this again. 


My initial intention was to do all the leg work myself. However, in about a 4 month time frame, I lost my younger brother, my newborn nephew passed after being born at 20 wks, and found out I had skin cancer to top it all off. Not ideal , but, hey,  life happens. In any case, w/ all of that chaos going on I decided to use a repair agency(not really an agency-just a married couple who so far have been very easy to deal with) that only charged IF they got items removed.


I know most frown upon them- I get it.. but in my case, I’ll be honest, it was worth it for me. I initially meant to use them for a few months and then when things settled down w my family, I’d take over myself-however, I was not expecting them to be so good at their jobs lol. I think they got 11-12 items removed in about a year. Frankly I was pretty amazed. They even got a few off I figured they had no shot at. I’m by NO means saying its better to go this route- ONLY that it worked for me this time(which WILL be the last time). 


Anyway, I’m down to two items left. One of them is Portfolio. Notoriously a pain in the proverbial @$ $ . Got my letters back saying they ‘verified the validity of the debt’, so I figured eh, I guess I’ll have to suck it up. But, then I got an email stating that the may have found an error, and that w/ portfolio in particular, they sometimes have to use this attorney because they are so stubborn. Sent me some paperwork to e-sign(I have not yet). I’ve reviewed the paperwork and honestly, Idk what to think. It says clearly that I will not be charged a dime. That on the contrary, if they get a ruling in my favor, I’ll get 1000(and they will get 7000, but from Portfolio- not from me). The only ‘down side’ I can see is, if it DID go to litigation etc, I’d be required to be there, but I was told the chances of that being required are slim to none. 


My question is, anyone ever heard of this before? I am always hesitant to sign on the dotted line but frankly, they’ve been fantastic to me so far, and I am pretty sure they wouldnt mislead me. I’m not a fool, I realize there’s scams out there, and that most of the repair agencies are just that, but, I’m at the end of all of this, and thrilled that I’ll never been in a position where I have to use one again(my finances are on point and have been for some time). I just need to decide if this is worth pursuing, or, if I should just suck it up and leave it there for the alloted time. 


Apologies for the lengthy post. I just know if there’s anywhere that people may have experience w this sort of thing, it’d most likely be here. It seems based on the paperwork its zero risk, potential reward, but i just want to ensure its not one of those ‘too good to be true’ scenarios. 


Thank you! 

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