Credit cards with high SL (5000+)?

QuestionsCredit cards with high SL (5000+)?
asked 3 years ago

I’m a college student who will be interning in a major city this summer. I plan on living in university housing and need to pay the entire balance upfront, which is usually around $ 5000. I’m looking for a card that will give me a starting limit of at leat $ 5000 and with 0%APR for a few months. I’ll be able to pay off the entire balance over the summer. I know the limit will depend on a variety factors, but are there particular issuers or specific cards that are known to start with higher limits on average? Here’s my profile:


AAoA: 1 year

Total Available Credit: $ 11,900

Overal Util: 19%

Income: ~60,000 (school grants/scholarships + income from campus jobs and summer earnings)


Individual cards with limits & utiization-

Discover IT: $ 200 (0%)

Chase Freedom: $ 2,200 (68%)

Care Credit: $ 1,500 (48%)

BoA Cash Rewards: $ 2,000 (0%)

Amazon Store Card: $ 6,000 (0%)

My balances are high on the Freedom and Care Credit because I’m taking advantage of 0% interest. They’ll be paid off before I have to start paying interest in 2 or 3 months.


TU score: 704. 4 inquiries in past year, 2 of which will pass the 1 year mark next week.

EQ score: 709. 1 inquiry, which passes the 1 year mark next week.

EXP: ?


Thanks in advance for any advice!




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