Credit card with no SSN?

QuestionsCredit card with no SSN?
Cliff Spears asked 6 years ago


My wife has no SSN as the work visa I have doesn’t allow her to work. We’re working on that, but for now, that’s her situation. She can’t work, so no SSN.


However she is an AU on all my cards and I guess she must now have a reasonably good credit score as a result, because Capital One has taken to mailing her letters telling her that she is pre-approved for various cards, with a reservation number, and so on. They pre-approved her for a no AF card and I figure she might as well take them up on it, because it’ll help her build her own file up. 


Except the online form has SSN as a required field. So, the question is, given that they have pre-approved her, any way for her to file the app?


She can declare income because although she has no SSN we file taxes as married-filing-jointly, I have an SSN and a job and their app form specifically says she can list my income as  joint income on her application, so she has income, but no SSN.


But how to file the app?

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