Credit Card Suggestions for Limited History

QuestionsCredit Card Suggestions for Limited History
Katharina Petre asked 6 years ago

Hi everyone,


My 20 yo cousin is trying to build up his credit. So far he only has a Discover IT that is 10 months old. ($ 500 CL, Auto CLI to $ 750 2 months ago). He recently got denied for a Chase Freedom card. Reconned unsuccessfully due to “limited credit history” (guess they really want to see 1 yr history, unless you’re lucky). Chase analyst also commented on his util rate (34% at time of application).


Aoaa: 10 months

Accounts: Discover IT $ 750

Income: 20k

HP: 1 TU, 1 EX, 0 EQ



What other credit cards should he apply for that will likely approve him? He will bring down his util to <10%. Then I’m thinking he call Discover for a HP CLI, and perhaps apply for Amex? What do you guys think? He is looking for pure cashback cards at this point since he is a college student.

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