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QuestionsCredit Appaholic’s Anonymous, We Won’t Judge You
Vilma Waid asked 5 years ago

I want to start this club due to my lack of Gardening Skills.

Hi, my name is J, and I have an Appin problem.
I crave that euphoric feeling that “Appin” gives me, i see the greatest words ‘you are pre approved! ‘
The first time i did it (SCT) i was hooked, it takes over every thought, even at work. If i drink & app…. omg it intensifies that feeling. I have done the most damage when drink & app.
I need to apologize in public to my credit score, the things i have done to it while drinkin & appin is shameful.
Please, if you recognize you have a problem , like i have, “Appin” or as kids today call it, “Slappin the App”, we are here to help you throughout your addiction.

Join us today, we accept everyone, we do not discriminate ,
Yes we even accept those kicked out of the garden club.

Please, before your credit leaves you forever, do this for You.


You know who you are, yes you, join CAA now and tell us about your problem

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