Creative ways to meet bonus spending requirements

QuestionsCreative ways to meet bonus spending requirements
asked 3 years ago

My two new Cap 1 cards arrived the beginning of last week. I’ve almost met the $ 500.00 spending requirement to receive a $ 100.00 bonus on the QuickSilver card. I’ll then be working on putting $ 3K though the Venture card before the end of April so I can get 40K bonus miles.  Based on my normal monthly spending, I might come up about $ 1K short. So I was thinking about some creative ways to take care of that. I don’t think I can pay my utilities in advanace. Don’t see any options for that. So I came up with a simple way to do it while in the supermarket today – gift cards. Yup, gift cards!  I can buy one $ 500.00 Visa gift card for $ 5.95. I’ll use that for some of the following month’s expenses. The supermarket also sells their own gift cards. So I’ll get $ 500.00 worth of those.  Out of pocket expense will be $ 5.95. Until… I get gas. The supermarket discounts gas at their station by 10 cents for every $ 100.00 that a customer spends. So I’ll end up saving a total of $ 16.00 when I fill up. I’ll meet my requirement and be up $ 10.05! 

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