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asked 4 years ago

Hi all!

I think this is my first post. I am usually a lurker.

Just graduated college last May and I am working on building my credit so when I go to grad school and start doing general adult financial things I am in good shape. I generally keep on top of my finances, but nothing really substantial is on my credit reports.


Saturday, March 21 my mom sends me a photo of some CPA notice saying that I have an account in collections for Comcast that would be reported to the credit bureaus if not handled by/before March 31st. I am a current customer and as far as I knew my account was in good standing. I called CPA and got the account number in question and informed the rep that I would be disputing the charges. I then called Comcast corporate offices to dispute and have them investigate… long story short, the issue was an account had been erroneously opened in my name and never closed. They told me they would take care of it and notify CPA, and I should receive something in writing within about 30 days verifying the issue had been resolved.


I have not received the letter to verify their action to resolve this issue yet, but I did call CPA and the automated system says the collections account has been closed. I am just really worried that the account will still show up on my report as a closed collection (even though this was all resolved before the March 31st deadline anyway), when this is an account that was never valid anyway because it was the result of an error. I use Credit Karma and Credit Sesame and nothing has shown up yet, but it is too soon to really expect this to show. Additionally, I am aware that these are not end all be all as far as accuracy. I want to be proactive about this because right now, my credit file is slim- I am only an Authorized User on a BBY account open since 2009, have 2 closed student loan accounts b/c I paid the $ 45,000 balance on my private loans back in November just before the 6 month grace period, and about $ 32,000 in fed gov student loans that have been paid off every month.


I was planning on pulling my reports and scores in May because I want to apply for maybe two new CC then. Should I go ahead and send in a GW or DV or some type of letter to ensure that they do not report the account, or should I wait it out and see what happens when I pull in May?

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