Could I be part of the 700 club soon?

QuestionsCould I be part of the 700 club soon?
asked 3 years ago

Would like to see if I could possibly see the 700s in the near future….
All accounts are current and in good standing (besides my 2 old baddies I’ll explain below.)

I have 1 joint auto loan with Capital One recently opened in Feb 2018 (22k.)

Credit Cards:
OpenSky Secured $ 300 CL opened April 2017.
Capital One Secured $ 500 CL opened Oct 2017.
Discover It Unsecured $ 900 CL just opened April 2018.
Capital One Unsecured $ 500 CL just opened April 2018.


Closed Collection – So CA Gas Co. $ 0 Balance – Scheduled to fall off Oct 2019. This was a stinky $ 62 final bill that I never received after I moved. I paid it in full but Financial Credit Network refuses to delete it from my report.

Closed Collection – Victorias Secret CC $ 0 Balance – This was settled in full but Portfolio Recovery will not delete.
Scheduled to fall off between June – Aug of this year….how much of a point increase if any should I expect to see once this falls off?

Current FICO 8s : EQ653 – TU659 – EX655

Any guesses??

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