Consolidated and paid accounts and 29 point drop!?!

QuestionsConsolidated and paid accounts and 29 point drop!?!
asked 3 years ago

I’m super frustrated. I was finally in the 590s to low 600s and have been working on cleaning up old accounts.

I had three student loans that were small (2-4 k) and did a consolidation. This was actually required because I’m doing the 120 payback for my loans. Anyway, they all reported today as zero balance. At some point soon they will come back as about 97k altogether.

The other thing was paying off an old judgment that I wasn’t aware I had until recently. They updated today as paid in full.

I got the alerts through CCT and my Rico and the scores all fell between 10 and 29 points! My fear is they will crash again when the consolidation posts!

Is this short term? Arghhhh so frustrating!
I have two cards reporting WF 300 limit (0 balance) and WM 0 balance. I do have a capital one platinum and qs1 that are not reporting yet.

Really frustrated…

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