Conserve any Luck with them?

QuestionsConserve any Luck with them?
asked 5 years ago

I have a collection to conserve for $ 897.00,  has anyone had any luck with pay for deletion with them? Or reducing the amount?

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The Truck Driver Guy replied 5 years ago

Guy’s DO NOT BE CONFUSED !!!!! It’s NOT about LEXINGTON LAW FIRM !!!! It’s
about YOU !!!! It’s what you do to take care of your credit and take care
of your finances !!!! It’s not easy but it MIGHT BE DONE !!!! I’ll make
more videos about this topic !!!!

beauty craze replied 5 years ago

I just sign up with this company 11/2014 and in less than 2 weeks had 2
items GONE!! could you tell us what was your score before starting with LL
and what is your score now, I see its been a year…..thank you for sharing
your story with us.

World Tube News replied 5 years ago

was that 480-700 fico or credit karma like score

Tara Jackson replied 5 years ago

I’ve been signed up with lexington law now for a few months and I must say
my credit score has went up an negative items on my report have been moved

humvee01 replied 5 years ago

How many points did your score increase

31usanguyen replied 5 years ago

I used Lexington Law before. It’s wasted my money. Paid them monthly and
they took their times. They just after the money and very slowly progress.

1robinsong2 replied 5 years ago

SO how much did your score go up?

Jerry Calloway replied 5 years ago

I only have 33 negatives overall how long do you think it’s going to take
to remove all 33 items?

Missouri Avei replied 5 years ago

Lexington law is the number one credit repair in the nation….I will
strongly recommended to anyone that’s serious about repairing their

Rysah Astorga replied 5 years ago

Lexington law is not magic they obviously removed what was legally possible
some things on your report are not allowed to be taken off the report they
have over million clients can’t call everyone that would be crazy

Jacqui Nader replied 5 years ago

I just signed up and felt a bit uncomfortable at first for taking the
leap. but honestly You my friend are adorable and honest! I feel much more
comfortable that my credit score is in good hands :)

Rysah Astorga replied 5 years ago

I work for Lexington law firm. This company is amazing! Call me for a free
consultation and summary report at 8003412930 extension 64116 my name is

Sheinnee Diongzon replied 5 years ago

Mark Clayborn’s book Hidden Credit Repair Secrets can help you. Available
at Amazon.

FreeCreditScoreCheck replied 5 years ago

Lexington is a one of the many good services that are legitimate. I don’t
understand why some people call it scam… Pointless

MOHIUDDIN ALI KHAN replied 5 years ago

This company is scam do not sign up with them it’s a total rip off

Mentor Aliji replied 5 years ago

It’s amazing how they helped me man . Chears my friend . Got a house got a
car . They removed 10 grand . Really really good company . I strongly
recommend this company if you need credit repair . So you get funn thinks
in life . Chears again . 4 months I got my credit cleared . Worth my money

Adrian Rozay replied 5 years ago

Damn Truck Driver what was you buying to be in 50k of debt

The Truck Driver Guy replied 5 years ago

not really… to be honest… there is WAY MORE things that you should do
to increase your score, other then removing negative items… but still it

The Truck Driver Guy replied 5 years ago

Thank YOU for your HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Willson replied 5 years ago

Lexington Law is the trusted leader in credit repair. You can call them at
1-888-896-7987 for free credit score, summary & consultation.

Moosehead ED replied 5 years ago

great vid, that must have increased your overall credit score by quite a

Dylan Bland replied 5 years ago

Hey Truck Driver guy i actually am a paralegal believe it or not i just was
looking at youtube videos on reviews and saw your video i noticed you are a
truck driver but would really like to call you to help your experience and
the process go faster if i don’t respond fast please email me at and let me know when i can call you i would be happy to
call you when im in the office tomorrow Saturday hope we can speed up your
experience and thanks for your review!

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