Consensus on paying old collections? Helpful or Hurtful?

QuestionsConsensus on paying old collections? Helpful or Hurtful?
asked 4 years ago

I’ve read a number of things on this topic…some say paying them off and getting htem removed from your report or shown as paid in full is a good thing, others say it doesn’t make any difference, still others say it is detrimental!


I have 4 accounts in collections, all medical, and the total is not high (under 1000). I’m in a place where I can pay them off in full right now, and I want to, but I don’t want it to have a negative effect on my already nightmarish credit. Can anyone give me a legit understanding of what this will do if I pay them in full?


1 is 5 years old, 2 are 4 years old and 1 is 3 years old.



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