Confused about credit card payments

QuestionsConfused about credit card payments
asked 4 years ago

I currently have 3 credit cards

1.  USAA- Secured 250

2. Cap 1 -Unsecured 500

3. Discover- Unsecured 1200


I have been charging small amounts and PIF before the statements are released.  All cards are reporting 0 balances but my credit scores declined by two points. After reading some posts, I realized that the cards should report a balance.  Does this mean that I should not pay off the entire balance before the statements are released. Should I only pay part of the balance monthly before the due date and pay interest on the remaining balance? I should know the answer, but I’m really confused.

Bad Credit Repair Attorney Reveals

Fast Credit Repair replied 4 years ago

Really eye opening. Thank you for uploading it.

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