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asked 3 years ago



i am currently at the ‘final’ stage of my conditional approval. recieved final closing disclosure and signed on 08/01/16.



Conditional Approval   07/29/2016     Appraisal Ordered   07/05/2016     Submitted to Underwriting   06/24/2016




THE underwriter has accepted all of my conditions except 2.


1. they are asking for a 2015 IRS extension


i do not have this because i dont owe the IRS i just havent filed yet. I have provided all W-2’s  and past tax returns fom privious years. I had a business that stopped operating in 2015 which the underwriter has recieved proof of and accepted. i am no longer relying on self employment income (in addition to my regular salary job). I only have my salary moving forward.


MY QUESTION: i am suppose to close on AUG 6, 2016. will not having the 2015 extension prevent me from closing? (since i dont owe the IRS anything i am still within my time frame to file for my refund right?)  Is the only way around this to file my 2015 taxes? even then i will have to wait for the official IRS transcript right?


just looking for some guidence as to what to expect and what to do.


the loan : FHA LOAN


2. condition wa just letter of explantion for a couple of large deposits (which i recently turned in tonight.


Thanks !

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