Comenity has me on ice for CLI

QuestionsComenity has me on ice for CLI
Merry McAlroy asked 5 years ago

The robot lady did not give me any CLI for my JCrew, Barney’s or Overstock this time around.  I’ve had JCrew the longest and have always received at least one CLI for $ 300 each month.  When I received my Barney’s card I got a SL of $ 3k and upon receipt got 4x $ 3k CLI to $ 15k total.  It seems like they may have changed some of their CLI policies.


On the other hand, I got the Sportman’s Guide pop-up for the first time yesterday and received a $ 5k SL which I’m very happy with.  So I don’t think Comenity hates me but they’re just handling things differently.  To be honest, I don’t use any of the cards that much and the limits I have on them already are more than adequate.  Perhaps Comenity is measuring spend v. limit more closely.

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