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Nidia Esparza asked 4 years ago

So I received the email from Comenity yesterday, stating that they are discontinuing the Redi+ Visa cards at the end of February.


I decided there was no reason to wait, so I called and after being on hold for 20 minutes, I told the CSR that I wanted to close the account. She then proceeded to ask me what they could do to keep me as a customer. I explained that since THEY were closing the cards at the end of the month, I just wanted to close it now, as there wasn’t a balance. The rep was silent for about 10 seconds and then she asked me where I heard that the Redi+ Visa program was being discontinued…what???


I told her I received the email earlier that morning and she said this was the first she heard of it and asked me if I was sure it was the Redi+ Visa? At this point I had to chuckle. I thought I had finally convinced her that the program was going away but wait, there’s more…


The CSR said she would be glad to assist and asked if she could place me on hold for a moment. A couple of minutes later, she returned to the line and said she had checked with a supervisor and as far as they know, I was misinformed. She said that if I’d consider keeping the account open, they would be able to give me fa reduced rate BT offer. Seriously?


In the end, I got it closed but it might be nice if Comenity informed in their CSR’s…it gives a whole new meaning to clueless Smiley Surprised


Happy Friday Eve everyone!




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Total Revolving Credit Lines January 2017: $ 143K
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