Comenity Bank Closed All Of My Cards

QuestionsComenity Bank Closed All Of My Cards
Kassie Beattie asked 5 years ago

Hello. I’m trying to build credit and I know it was stupid of me but I opened 7 Comenity bank credit cards last month. Some had limits of $ 2500 and some $ 500. To make a long story short they closed all of them. I was never late or anything but I guess they do this sometimes. They say I will get a letter in the mail. Anyway. The cards I am left with are Capital One Plaitnum, Capital One Silver One, Amazon, and Finger Hut. I know my  credit will take a big fall. My scores right now are 592, 587 and 603. How bad will this hurt my scores and what is the best way to recover from this? I’m not really upset and I’m a bit relived because I guess that was too many cards. Just want to know how to recover. Thanks in advance. 

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