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QuestionsCollege credit journey/new card
asked 3 years ago

Hello all,


First of all I wanted to say thanks to all of you for all the great threads on this forum. I have been reading them for a while. I am in college with a part time job making around 14K a year. I started my credit journey about two years ago and currently have the following cards. My FICO is around 760 currently


Citi AAdvantage  World Mastercard 5,000

Chase southwest 3,000

Capital one Quicksilver 3,000

Discover 2,000

BOA Travel Rewards 1,000

AMEX PRG and Green NPSL (spending power – 12K each)

AMEX BCE 1,500

Target/Amazon store cards Both 2,000


Just wanted to post this to show how even with a low income you can still get decent cards with decent starting limits. I know some of you all may think its crazy to pay annual fees on some of these for a student but I get my money back plus some. Example AA card – flying 4 times a year and getting the free checked bag pays for the fee, AMEX PRG – the signup bonus covered several years of the annual fee etc.


Havent applied for a new card in 5-6 months. Looking to apply for a card for large purchases for when getting out of school and getting my own place. Anyone have any experience with any of suntrusts credit card offerings? Any suggestions for my credit journey or a new card for larger purchases?



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