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Maisie Buckmaster asked 4 years ago

So I checked my credit February 1st and my score dropped from 780 to 640 from a collection in the amount of 2000+ I go ahead and dispute it two days ago. I get an email say the results are in and it has been “updated” which means it’s still on my report and my score is still in the 600s. So I go on the the collection site to see **bleep** this is; i enter the collection acct number, I see the collection; it’s in someone else’s name, address, and DoB. Like **bleep** you see the information it’s not mine remove this crap from my report. The result is finished from my dispute; am I able to dispute it again? If it goes away to I get my full 140 pts back. I was 20 pts away from 800. I’ve been working my ass off to get it up and stay up there. I’m only 26yo it would take me another 3years to get it back up there. Plsss help!!!

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