Closed Capital One with missed payments.

QuestionsClosed Capital One with missed payments.
asked 3 years ago

Hey all,


 So I don’t typically check my credit that often but here I am because I’m curious if this account is worth contacting Capital One over. This was my first credit card and if I remember correctly I had a zero balance on the card but this particlar card had a $ 15 annual fee that they would tack on and for some reason I forgot and the card went deliquent. It’s hovering on 5 years since the account was flagged as such even though it had maintained a zero balance since 2009. I’m not really sure how much this might be impacting my credit so I thought I would ask. I’m at 725 at the moment but I also just paid down 10k in revolving of which only half has reported in as zero balances / paid in full. My credit history is running at about 9 years of history at the moment and I’ve never been delinquint on my cars, house or student loans. I should drop below 30% util this month and to 1% by fall. 


So I’m curious if I should even bother with this or if trying to have it removed would only hurt me. It’s my oldest credit card entry but when I look at my account history (as in credit history) this particular account does not show. Not sure what to do… Goodwill letter attempt perhaps?



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