Closed Capital One Platinum- no retention offer :(

QuestionsClosed Capital One Platinum- no retention offer :(
Jermaine Moody asked 4 years ago

I finally killed my CapOne Platinum MC after having it for almost 3 years!


Couldn’t justify paying a fee for a card that I never use (and which refuses to raise my limit even one measly cent). I think I made two purchases with the card all of last year. I called in, had them mail me a check for my rewards $ $ balance, and told them I wanted to cancel. I was hoping for a retention offer to waive the fee in exchange for me keeping the card, but alas, CapOne truly doesn’t seem to care if you are a customer or not. Hopefully the AAoA hit isn’t too bad.


Goodbye, little Platinum card. Enjoy CC heaven. 

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