Close Discover Secured and reapply, Or wait for graduation?

QuestionsClose Discover Secured and reapply, Or wait for graduation?
Betsy Morell asked 5 years ago

Hi, there! This is my first official post on the forum, so please bear with me! I’ve searched everywhere for this topic, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything.


I’ve had the secued Discover card, along with a few other ‘starter cards’, for about seven months. Last month, after steadily building my credit history, following the common guidelines posted on the forum, I app’d and was approved for some quality cards: Amex Blue Everyday, Chase Freedom, BoA Cash Rewards. I also tried for the unsecured version of the Discover It. The reason for denial was “too many accounts with Discover”. Not even the “too many new accounts” in general, as that would have been expected.


So following more advice from the forum, I sent a secured message asking what that was all about, explainging that I only have one account with them, and they basically told me to wait the year or so for the card to graduate. So this got me thinking: Should I bother waiting another 6 months for the card to graduate(it’s limit is $ 200, so an unsecured card with that limit will do me no good at this point), or should I just close the secured card, and apply straight out for the unsecured. For context, my Freedom and BoA card have 1500 and 2000 Sl. I highly doubt that the Discover card would graduate with atleast a 1000 CLI.


I’d appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks!

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