Clarification on Statute of Limitations/PFD

QuestionsClarification on Statute of Limitations/PFD
asked 3 years ago



I am new here and have learned a lot, but have a few questions that I would like clarification on if someone can assist.


I have, for example, the following account:


AMX – $ 2,257

Date of Last Payment: 10/2009

Drops off Report: 07/2017


From what I understand, Statute of Limitations is 4 years in my state, so I am outside of the timeframe for them attempting to sue me for the debt. I have seen several posts here and on other sites that state that SOL is in effect unless you make a payment or payment arrangements. If I send a PFD, is this considered a payment arrangement, thereby resetting my SOL? (Since I am technically stating yes, I will pay, if you delete)


Also, the AMX debt shows as CO, but I do not see a CA listed. Can I assume the debt is still with AMX, even though my report says CO? 


I was going to send a DV letter to AMX first, and then a PFD, even though others here have said they have not had much luck with AMX. Does this sound like the best course of action?


I’m just trying to wrap my head around everything and make sure I understand. thanks so much for your help!



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