Citibank removed AF from my secured card!

QuestionsCitibank removed AF from my secured card!
Charity Sherlock asked 4 years ago

Ok, so a little history first. Got the Citi secured MC last year end of June. At the time of my app,  there was a AF associated with the secured card. Like a month later while on their main page website, I noticed they took away the AF on their secured cc. I of course called EO and they said they couldn’t return it or take it away, that the AF stands on my card, which I thought was complete bs at the time. (You can search my thread about it here in the section). 


Anyway, chalked  it up as a lost cause and just a minor detail to get to the big picture later down the road, which was graduation to the DP/DC and “in” with Citi in their legacy side, a few YEARS earlier than expected after my BK, which they were IIB.  Small price to pay which I would have had to pay twice in the 18 mo of having the card. 


Fast forward to a few days ago… looked at my statement and saw this announcement at the bottom!! Nice!! The card will be 1 yr end of June, and I would have had to pay the AF again. Supposed to graduate in December. It’s all downhill from here! 🤞😉💳




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